Puppy Classes

Puppy Fundamentals 1 (Puppies up to 6 Months) – $240.00

Puppy Fundamentals 1 is a comprehensive puppy class meeting once per week for 6 weeks, on Monday or Thursday evenings. Class time is 6:00 pm. Each session will build off of the prior week’s course, giving puppies and owners a wealth of information and skills related to leadership, puppy behavior, obedience, confidence building, wellness/first aid and of course, socialization with other puppies and humans in group play! Q&A time will end each session.

One of the 6 classes takes place at our local groomer, K9 Detailing, where puppies and parents learn about making grooming a positive experience. Another class, we invite our favorite mobile veterinarian, Prairie View Veterinary Services, to join us to talk about making vet visits a positive experience for everyone!

We have a limit of 6 puppies per class. Attendance at all 6 classes is strongly encouraged! Puppies must have 2 rounds of distemper and their bordatella vaccine to attend, and should be less than or very near 6 months of age at the start of training. IF you attend all 6 classes, your puppy is eligible to take the AKC’s S.T.A.R. Puppy evaluation for a certificate and medallion! See more about this program here!

BONUS: Graduates and current attendees are invited back for weekly play dates with other graduates of the program – at no additional cost! This is a great way to be sure puppies stay well socialized into adulthood!

Guest instructor Sharolyn Sievert owns ARI-SAR and instructs first aid classes for humans and pets! She’s a published author and has owned and trained Search and Rescue dogs for many years.

Puppy Fundamentals 2 (Puppies 6 to 12 Months Old) – $240.00

Puppy Fundamentals 2 is the next step in the process to developing a well trained puppy, into adulthood! This group class meets Mondays or Thursdays at 7:00 pm.

During the 6-week course we will teach you how to work with your dog on more advanced obedience. This consists of loose leash walking and walking past people and other dogs. We practice longer stays in the sit, down and place, with more distractions. Puppies learn to come when called from further distances, and work on longer waits while you are out-of-sight. We also work on door and food manners, taking treats softly, greeting strangers and overall impulse control. We address behavior concerns as they appear, answer questions, and provide insight to your puppy’s behavior.

This course is limited to 4 puppies per class. Puppies must have graduated Puppy Fundamentals 1 OR must pass an evaluation by a trainer prior to the start of class.

Puppies that attend this training can be expected to be ready for the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Evaluation. The final night of class is a practice evaluation, and graduates are invited to attend one of our community CGC events for additional testing opportunities.

Basic Obedience Training by Off Leash K9 Training, Central MN (Puppies/Dogs 6 months or Older) – $625.00

Off Leash K9 Training, Central MN’s Basic Obedience Package is geared toward dogs/puppies that are older than 6 months who fall into any of these categories:

  • Have a behavior concern such as fear, anxiety, aggression, or relentless poor manners like jumping, mouthing/biting, or leash pulling
  • Would like the option to be trustworthy off leash with distractions
  • Don’t do well with other dogs (these lessons are all private)
  • Are older than 1 year

This package is 4 private, 1 hour lessons with you and your family (or a custom number of lessons for our Fundamentals Graduates). It includes the e-collar we train with and a 15′ leash, and lessons are guaranteed. Basic commands include come when called, sit until released, place (sit on this thing until released), loose-leash heel, down until released and off (for naughty behaviors). We address questions and behavior concerns throughout the lessons, and work to modify fear, anxiety, aggression or naughty behaviors as needed. Visit our Off Leash K9 Training, Central MN page for more information!

Custom Off Leash K9 Training Package for Fundamentals Graduates – (Graduates 6 Months or Older)

Fundamentals graduates can meet with a trainer for a custom plan including the e-collar ($200.00) and an as-needed number of private lessons ($100 each) to address any concerns. Because Fundamentals graduates learn all of the commands during class, they may only need to learn how to use the e-collar the proper way to reinforce the foundation commands and work toward solid, off leash obedience!

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