Local Canine Heroes Coloring Book, Volume 1

This coloring book was born from a special place we hold in our hearts for all dogs, but especially working dogs and the humans that partner with them. Working dogs don’t work because we want them to – they work because it fulfils something in them, giving them a purpose and a passion. Their humans can’t tell their dog to love the job they do, they can only help them find their purpose, guiding them and supporting them along the way. 

 When a dog and their handler find purpose together while helping the community around them, heroes are made. This book is full, cover to cover, of canine heroes. We want to celebrate them, and in doing so, show gratitude to their handlers as well. Behind every hero dog is a handler that gives countless hours to training, honing their skills as a handler and helping their dog reach their potential. Countless miles to reach resources. Time, energy, blood, sweat and tears, to serve their communities.

Out of our love for working dogs, we’re giving back. Two local nonprofit organizations will share a $10 donation from the sale of each coloring book. Lakes Area Law Dog Foundation supports the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, helping to provide trained K9s and related services, including financial assistance for training, national certifications, seminars and equipment. Central Lakes Search and Rescue is an all-volunteer search and rescue organization supporting law enforcement search and rescue efforts across the state of Minnesota. We’re proud to support both of their missions.
We hope you enjoy meeting each of the Police K9s, Search and Rescue K9s and Registered Therapy Dogs we’re introducing you to with the help of our extremely talented Illustrator, Heather Rolin.
Thank you so much for your support!
Cassie & TJ

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Donate Directly to Central Lakes Search and Rescue

If you prefer to donate directly to Central Lakes Search and Rescue, visit their website!

    Donate Directly to Lakes Area Law Dog Foundation

    If you prefer to make a donation directly to Lakes Area Law Dog Foundation, visit their website!